Go on stage with the orchestra in this 360° video from KOMO

If you’ve ever dreamed of standing in front of an orchestra — or sitting first chair in the viola section — then this 360° degree video from KOMO News is for you! During the opening night of Tuning Up, KOMO filmed Music Director Ludovic Morlot and the orchestra performing Tuning Up by Edgard Varèse.

Watch the video

Can you spot the siren in the percussion section? Click below and move your phone or drag your mouse to look around the orchestra in this 360° video of Ludovic Morlot and the orchestra playing "Tuning Up" by Edgar Varèse!

Tuning Up by Edgard Varèse

Varèse was a French-born composer who spent the majority of his career working in the United States. As annotator Aaron Grad remarked in our program notes, Varèse received an unlikely invitation in 1946 to compose a short work for an upcoming film about Carnegie Hall by producer Boris Morros. The plan was to create a parody piece of an orchestra tuning, to be performed by the New York Philharmonic under Leopold Stokowski.

The idea was cut before it was ever filmed, but Varèse had already completed sketches of the work. His own student, Chou Wen-Chung, would eventually edit the draft

For more information about the festival, read “Screams and Silence: the new approach at the Seattle Symphony” from The Seattle Times.

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Posted on July 19, 2016